About to host the thirteenth session of the China, Anping international wire mesh fair television

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Comrades, friends, fellow entrepreneurs:

In order to further expand international exchanges and cooperation in screen industry, boosting our screen industrial upgrading, promote the rapid development ofexport-oriented economy, since 2001, my county has been successfully held the 12 China Anping international wire mesh fair, accumulative total welcomes customersmore than 14 people, of which foreign more than 4100 passengers, relates to the United States, England, Germany, South Korea, Japan and other 40 countries and regions, a total of more than 130 projects signed, a comprehensive upgrade ofAnping wire mesh visibility and influence, the "world network" reputation at home and abroad. The thirteenth China Anping international wire mesh Fair will be held in the county from October 22nd to October 24th, the preparatory work has been in full swing. The situation, the Expo will present four characteristics:

One is to further enhance the influence. The exhibition, China Industrial TextilesAssociation, China National Hardware Association awarded "China Anping, the textile industry cluster", "China silk capital" honorary title, visibility in the industry to further enhance. At the same time, widely publicized by Chinese manufacturing, Huicong network, global network hardware 12 home network media; broadcast thirteenth Expoin four sets of CCTV prime time advertising, promotions in Xinxiang, Huanghua,Tai'an, Yiwu, Jiangyin and other wire mesh production is relatively concentrated areas; the GTF propaganda screen exhibition, exhibition in effect at home and abroad to further expand.

Two participants further increase. In this Expo, is expected to domestic and foreign merchants will reach 15000 people, a large number of the industry leadingenterprises continue to exhibitors, the influential overseas equipment manufacturers,the screen producers and distributors will also to participate in investigation,merchants level obvious promotion.

Three is to further improve the grade of exhibits. The exhibitors from the screenindustry related to the industry expanded rapidly, filter filter, food machinery, auto parts and the application will appear on the exhibition in medicine, petroleum,chemical, aerospace and other a series of high-end products deep processing.

Four is to further optimize the exhibition layout. The Convention and Exhibition Centerwere designed carefully, supporting service facilities more perfect, booth layout more reasonable, booth reached 230, and provide room abduction area more than 1 square meters, can accommodate more exhibitors.

Comrades, friends, all the entrepreneurs, China Anping international wire mesh fairafter 10 years of development, has become a set of product display, trade negotiations, information dissemination, technology exchanges in an internationalprofessional event, and among the ten national exhibition industry ranks. A screenExpo on upgrade the level of opening up, accelerate the development of silk industry,has a very important significance in building a "harmonious Anping, economy strong county". Now the thirteenth China Anping international wire mesh Fair has entered the 100 day countdown stage, on behalf of the Party committee, the county government issued to the initiative of the people throughout the county: run the Expo,is displayed in all aspects of an important measure, publicity, promotion of AnpingAnping Anping, but also the common responsibility of the whole county people, let usmake concerted efforts, go to all lengths, with full enthusiasm and practical action,support, with the Expo to carry out the work, fully demonstrated the unique charm andAnping wire mesh Anping and broad development prospects, the thirteenth ChinaInternational Screen Ping Expo a successful, exciting, unforgettable world expo!